Doctors without Borders is an international humanitarian organization of French national origin, best known for its numerous projects in war zones and elsewhere in the developing world. Established in 1970, it has become one of the most important and successful organizations fighting diseases affecting mankind with a view to providing immediate medical care and assistance. It operates throughout the world, using a network of volunteers who take on the responsibility of administering medical care in situations of natural disaster, political turmoil and conflict. In addition, this organization also provides services to people injured or displaced due to violence or emergencies. All these work through the same network of doctors and care staff who ensure all the patients receive the highest standard of care.


There are three major projects of Doctors without Borders in the developing world. The projects aim at providing healthcare, medical equipment, food and training to the local population in emergency and calamity preponderant areas. All the projects aim at giving the patients the best possible health and medical assistance. They also work towards ensuring that the patients have the basic right to live in their community and to continue their work there.

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Is Medical Research Across Continents Possible?


The teams of Doctors without Borders operate in places like El Salvador, Guatemala, the Philippines, Central America and Thailand among other countries. They work in all sorts of settings – medical centers, hotels, settlements, field hospitals, and rehabilitation centers. As part of their work, they organize local communities in which they deliver the services and carry out the projects, help them build new families, and look after their basic needs.

There is much medical research across continents as the need for new drugs, medical treatments, and more evolved treatments is constantly growing. One of the most exciting fields to study is that of genetics as it has helped mankind to discover a lot about the nature of diseases and their cure. However, medical research across continents has not been able to make a huge impact as it is often slow in pace. But the future seems bright with new technology available, researchers are coming up with innovative solutions to many health problems. With the development of new software for medical trials and research, there is more room for broader and scaled research studies without any limits posed by border restrictions.